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Not sure, haven’t decided how much the memories of prior days are worth.

The installation incorporates a series of entries from the journals that began in 2019 as well as devised text revolving around the idea of space (both above us and all around). I wanted to capture a feeling of total expanse contrasted with complete isolation. One of the funny things about isolation, however, is that even when we are totally alone the sensation of being watched can creep into our subconscious. It can be easier to feel isolated surrounded by hundreds of strangers than in an empty room. Our minds play tricks on us, and suddenly a silent room becomes filled with onlookers who never reveal themselves.


The installation was comprised of: two practical lighting fixtures on stage, a large wooden frame, acrylic paint, brushes, a step ladder, a camera, a projector, spray bottle, tape, hung paintings, and yards upon yards of canvas.


The performance itself consisted of the process of beginning and finishing a painting on stage to share a story. Interwoven into the performance are journal entries, pervasive thoughts, and conversations that help guide the tone of each moment. The length was around 55 minutes, with additional time offered to view the on stage art gallery. 


This was 100 different ideas before it became what it is now.

It will probably become 100 different ideas again. Many of the pieces of canvas you see will be chopped up and repurposed for other projects. It's not sacred. It's not finished. It will never be either of those things. What you see will never be done in the same way again, so enjoy what you see, or don't. Regardless, it will never happen again just like this. 


Music in video is Circus Marcus by Aube

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