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As Above, So Below.

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The phrase as above so below originated within the Hermetic tradition. The phrase has multiple interpretations, but the nature of its meaning holds true no matter the interpretation.


Everything that happens outside of what we know has an impact on the world that we do know.


On earth, as it is in heaven.


Celestial mechanics upon terrestrial events.


Transmigration of the soul.


The phrasing changes but the idea does not.


The flowers in this garden grow because of the movements of our expanding universe, and our universe keeps expanding because the flowers in this garden grow. Every new leaf unfurling, root pushing through the dirt, vine creeping up a trellis is in direct communication with the death of a star, the birth of a galaxy, a sunspot exploding millions of lightyears away.


I wanted this gallery to be the stars coming to the earth to convene with those rooted to the ground. An opportunity to witness their rendezvous, and to find a moment of interconnection in a bustling and continually more isolating existence.


This gallery was open in conjunction with 6BC Botanical Garden's open hours.

Making sure that the local community had full access to wander the garden and view the works.


I wanted to create a place where people could escape the everyday calamities of living in a city like New York.

And to find stillness surrounded by flowers and stars.

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