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Welcome to My Writing Portfolio

My name is Nick Turturro. I'm a copywriter and artist with an eye for designing content that can't be ignored. My writing has been featured by million-dollar start-ups to finance firms to not-for-profit theatre companies. 

If you are looking for in-depth SEO friendly content, you've come to the right place.

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Check out some samples below.


"Nitra is a Fintech company built with doctors in mind. Our specialty is providing doctors with streamlined solutions that deliver the best of Silicon Valley."

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Nitra's needs for blogging have been centered around what the process of developing a healthy accounting structure for a new medical practice might look like, and the tips and tricks for successful implementation of said structure.


Together, we have developed The Catchup Series, which is comprised of six bi-weekly blogs aiming to deliver clear and concise breakdowns of the essential accounting functions every medical practice needs. 

Nitra and I's relationship is ongoing currently, and the team has been extremely satisfied with my work. 

Click on the images to read the full blog on the Nitra website.

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"Expert Leaders in Accounting, Technology, Bookkeeping Services, Reporting & Advisory"

As the in-house copywriter for this firm, I help MBSATA develop copy and design for many of its content offerings. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

- Consistent blog production (copywriting) and implementation of SEO strategy through keyword research, CTA's, internal/external linking, and headings. Assuring that content produced is well researched, and completes its high-level review process within its designated timeframe to ensure asset delivery.

- Weekly internal email newsletter development and external newsletter and drip campaigns through


- Whitepaper copy and design production.

- Delegating copy selections for social media content production.

- Communication and external relations with partner companies to develop co-marketing campaigns.

- Content audits and repurposing of previously existing content for different medium application.

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Small Business Bookkeeper Cost (1).png

View two of my recent blogs here

Whitepaper Design:

"The Fled is an artist Collective providing a radically equitable, anti-racist, anti-oppressive platform for theater artists — to build community, expand their artistry, and make theatre that is actively engaged in our collective liberation and the dismantling of colonialist practices and white ideals. With artists at the helm, particularly our global-majority and historically marginalized artists, we lead our community with curiosity, empathy, and celebration."


The Fled Collective and I work together in the continual development of their social media presence and pitch content for potential nonprofit investors. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

The Fled Pitch Deck.png

- Production of marketing materials for fundraising and pitch presentations through Powerpoint and Canva

- Template development for social media posting (Instagram).

- Overview of Instagram account and its continued growth (7% increase in total followers over 90 days).

- Media capture, design, and editing

- Engaging sister organizations to amplify engagement on platform and nurturing relationships with visiting artists.

Social media copy and design

Interested in learning more?

Lets chat. Email me here.

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